Let’s Discuss the Different Definitions of Working From Home to Help You Make Your Choice Wisely

You want to work from home, but do you really know what this means? Yes, you want to make money from home but how?Let’s look at the different definitions of working from home to help you decide what you really want to do to make money from home.Below are the 3 different categories of the different ways you can earn from home.1. Employed telecommuting
2. Self employed working from home
3. Running a home-based businessEmployed TelecommutingThis is where your employer does not need you to be stationed at the workplace. Put simply, telecommuting or telework, is work performed outside the traditional office setting utilizing telecommunications technology, usually from a home office.A good example of this is say for example, word processing. Work could be sent to you via post or email. The typist would type this work up in a word processor then simply email it back to the management.Telecommuting is most suited to people who are self-disciplined and capable of managing themselves. For those who are “workaholics” may find it difficult to switch off at home, and believe it or not, will actually benefit more from being in the office.Others need the companionship of the workplace and will probably feel isolated at home (many people do). On the other hand it suits those who are easily distracted at the office.Unfortunately these jobs are very hard to come by, and when they do come up there will be lots of competing applicants.Self-Employed Working From HomeThis is where you work from home in a self-employed capacity. My take on this is where you do not have to leave home all day, everyday in order to make your income. Some examples of self-employed working from home:* Operate your own word processing / secretarial service;
* Running your own network marketing/mlm business;
* Running an eBay business;
* Making your own jewellery and selling it on (via eBay for example);
* Making your own craft cards (eBay again…);
* Running your own clothing alterations business.The list is endless really. If you have a hobby, or are good at something and think you could make money working from home with this, then why not give it a ago!Don’t forget, you still have to register has self-employed with the tax man while making money from home in this way.Running A Home-Based BusinessSome people might disagree with me on this, but as I said above, this is what ‘my take’ is on the work from home/home-based business scenario.To me, a home-based business is where you are ‘based’ at home but ‘have’ to go out everyday to a customers’ residence in order to make your income.Some examples of a typical home-based business:* Plumber
* Plasterer
* Builder
* Window/Commercial/House Cleaner
* Painter & Decorator
* PhotographerAgain the list is endless.So basically your admin office is based at home, but you ‘have’ to go out of your home to make your money.If this is the case you need a mobile phone so any enquirers can contact you directly so they don’t have to leave a message on an answering machine. Ideally if you can, employ someone to man the phone at your home and carry out all the admin and finance for you.If you are lucky, your partner could do this for you and you make this a ‘partnership’ business venture. I hope the above has been of some use to you in order to help you decide what work from home setting you want to do in order to make money from home.No matter what you decide to do, I wish you all the best in your work from home endeavors!

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