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4 Organic Search Engine Marketing Tips To Use Today

Did you realize that Google organic searches capture 3x the search volume than that of Google AdWords? This leaves the question to ponder at being why would somebody pay for lead generation in a particular keyword if they could attain 3x the leads and impressions from that same keyword for free?

Ironically enough, there are more local companies and internet marketers clamoring for Google AdWords shelf space then there are people looking to rank fast for SEO results. I’ve never been able to figure this little brain-teaser out; if 3x the people are looking for the organic search solution, why would you be going against-the-grain as a marketer? Isn’t that the point of internet marketing – to be congruent with searches and potential leads, customers and clients?

Truth be told, these 4 organic search engine marketing tips to use today will not only change you traffic flow, but they will change your business and life. I’d like to cover 4 or the 7 different types of multi channel marketing that we often discuss.

1. Article Marketing - If you are not using article marketing to blanket the relevant keywords for you business then what are you doing? There is no other better or proven way to generate residual and on going traffic.

2. Blogging – Although blogging is not an “in-real-time” as some social media platforms, blogging is one of the greatest ways to become more findable online, raise your back-link totals, incorporate videos into your marketing funnel, which ultimate gives your business’ website more credibility.

3. Video Marketing - Video marketing is fast becoming the holiest of all holies when it comes to marketing your message. According to Brian Tracey, top sales author, video is 50% more effective at relaying a message than any other method of delivering a sales presentation.

4. Keyword Research - We’ve all heard the phrase, content is king. This is true, but your content better be written to keyword or you’re in trouble.

As you attempt to ramp up productivity, collapse time and use your website as a unique force in the world of search engine optimization, I hope these 4 organic search engine marketing tips to use today make all of the difference to the improvement of your business’ production capacity.

One final note that I’d like to leave you with is that regardless of which SEO marketing method you side to choose with, do it well, and learn as many tactics and techniques that will allow you to become a master at the craft of driving traffic and then converting it to a sale. After all, this is the goal to marketing effectively online and maximizing the ‘tools of technology’ in today’s economy.