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4 Organic Search Engine Marketing Tips To Use Today

Did you realize that Google organic searches capture 3x the search volume than that of Google AdWords? This leaves the question to ponder at being why would somebody pay for lead generation in a particular keyword if they could attain 3x the leads and impressions from that same keyword for free?

Ironically enough, there are more local companies and internet marketers clamoring for Google AdWords shelf space then there are people looking to rank fast for SEO results. I’ve never been able to figure this little brain-teaser out; if 3x the people are looking for the organic search solution, why would you be going against-the-grain as a marketer? Isn’t that the point of internet marketing – to be congruent with searches and potential leads, customers and clients?

Truth be told, these 4 organic search engine marketing tips to use today will not only change you traffic flow, but they will change your business and life. I’d like to cover 4 or the 7 different types of multi channel marketing that we often discuss.

1. Article Marketing - If you are not using article marketing to blanket the relevant keywords for you business then what are you doing? There is no other better or proven way to generate residual and on going traffic.

2. Blogging – Although blogging is not an “in-real-time” as some social media platforms, blogging is one of the greatest ways to become more findable online, raise your back-link totals, incorporate videos into your marketing funnel, which ultimate gives your business’ website more credibility.

3. Video Marketing - Video marketing is fast becoming the holiest of all holies when it comes to marketing your message. According to Brian Tracey, top sales author, video is 50% more effective at relaying a message than any other method of delivering a sales presentation.

4. Keyword Research - We’ve all heard the phrase, content is king. This is true, but your content better be written to keyword or you’re in trouble.

As you attempt to ramp up productivity, collapse time and use your website as a unique force in the world of search engine optimization, I hope these 4 organic search engine marketing tips to use today make all of the difference to the improvement of your business’ production capacity.

One final note that I’d like to leave you with is that regardless of which SEO marketing method you side to choose with, do it well, and learn as many tactics and techniques that will allow you to become a master at the craft of driving traffic and then converting it to a sale. After all, this is the goal to marketing effectively online and maximizing the ‘tools of technology’ in today’s economy.

Social Media Marketing And SEO

The digital world is an increasingly crowded but mandatory field that businesses owners must play in. As a Tampa business in today’s world it is now not enough to just have a website and Tampa social media marketing strategy, you also must employ a comprehensive search engine optimization plan. For this reason, the smart option is to work with a company, like Webhead Interactive that does both.

Webhead social media strategies are designed in a way to complement their SEO work. This way each end of the marketing spectrum maximizes the work of the other. The result? More traffic to your site and more customers to your business. Tampa social media is a very crowded field. Most businesses are active on one or more of the popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, even Pinterest and Instagram. For this reason it is important that your business not just be active in your Tampa social media marketing, but also be found through comprehensive SEO efforts.

Webhead Interactive, known as not only a top rated Tampa SEO company, but also the premier Tampa social media marketing agency, has the experience and expertise necessary to help businesses reach their market audience through a fully integrated and optimized social media management strategy. They work on multiple levels to be able to not only help your customers find you, but also interact with you through your social media channels. Since Webhead social media doesn’t just focus on one aspect of your digital marketing, but instead takes a 360 approach, they far surpass the impact of other social media companies in Tampa. Quicker, more powerful results and a proven track record of success.

As the leading full-service Tampa social media agency, Webhead Interactive will help you identify how your business and brand can benefit from an optimized social media presence. An example of some of the services they offer and might recommend include; custom Twitter, Google+ and YouTube backgrounds to help you promote your brand, Facebook timeline design and implementation to increase visitor click-through rates, Pinterest set-up and board strategy, content distribution and sharing strategy to maximize exposure and much more. They will also help you with your digital and social media promotional advertising strategy to further encourage engagement and fan development.

In order to make sure your Tampa business is found by the customers that are looking for you the best strategy is to maximize your online exposure by using both social media marketing and SEO as part of your communications strategy. By choosing a company like Webhead Interactive and Webhead social media, you know you are working with a team that understand and excels at both. The author has an immense knowledge on Tampa social media marketing. Know more about Webhead social media, Tampa social media marketing related info in his website.

Paton Marketing: Quality Solutions for Effective Internet Marketing

Paton Marketing is an Internet Marketing Company Miami that has helped many clients generate great revenues through various online marketing techniques and procedures. Paton Marketing offers services like Search Engine Optimization, Website Development, Pay per Click Management, Reputation Management, and Social Media Marketing. We provide all the services you need at affordable rates.

Our online marketing strategy constantly thrives to get desired results for the clients. Our SEO campaigns cover all critical and diverse factors ranging from on-page, back link, content to website design. All SEO aspects are covered with the simplified three phase approach of Plan, Optimize and Track to strategize, execute and report SEO campaigns.

Miami Marketing Agency uses expert knowledge in a range of marketing services to help bring our clients’ websites to unprecedented levels of success. Through effective online marketing strategies and our expert SEO services, we can help turn your website in to your business’ most powerful lead generator. Google, like many other search engine ranks pages based on certain criteria. To start with, the quality of your site matters a lot.

We also specialize in Web Development and Web Design. Paton Marketing provides our clients with a strategically-developed premium custom website. A great website will go a long way in getting your business noticed online. It also delivers a high-quality user experience. We keep your website up to date regularly.

Internet marketing is much more than site creation. It requires precise marketing techniques and tools across the board. Without our professional assistance, your website will simply fail to generate essential web traffic. Web marketing also entails weekly progress reports. This includes web traffic, along with the number of hits your site secures on a weekly basis.

Miami Marketing Agency also specializes in Reputation Management. Reputation Management is one of most important factor in web marketing. Negative content can terribly affect your business. Paton Marketing Reputation Management strategies can protect your online reputation by suppressing negative content on the search results. We create positive and multiple micro-sites ensuring that the negative links are pushed further out of search results.

If you are struggling with web traffic issues, our dedicated marketing team can help you within time and budget. Simply contact us today.