Why VA Mortgage Loans Are Better Than Their FHA Equivalent

There are two key sources of low cost mortgages out there. They are VA mortgage loans and FHA mortgages. For some, there is a minor battle going on over which type of loan is the best to choose. Clearly, for American servicemen and women, the version available from the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) is best. In fact, it is widely considered that they have made home buying easy.There are a few reasons as to why these loans edge the age-old advantages of the Federal Housing Authority (FHA), despite the fact that both are subsidized by the US government. Of course, this is the chief benefit, with the loans secured by the government ensuring that the lender faces practically no risk at all, and so better interest rates are charged.But what are the key differences between these mortgage loan options? Is there really any difference, and are traditional lenders really far behind? What financial pressure are the homebuyers from the armed forces really under?What Are Veteran Affairs Loans?Originally, VA mortgage loans were offered to returning servicemen who wanted to buy a home, to help get them on their feet. Back in 1944, the VA declared they would slash the cost of buying a home. This obviously went down extremely well, and within just a few years, home ownership in the US rose from 40% to 60%.The fact that better interest rates are still available today is enough to ensure high demand. The cost of buying a home is lowered considerably, making the dream of owning their own home something every current and past member for the armed forces can enjoy.Qualifying for a mortgage loan is straightforward but it is only open to members of the armed forces. Civilians are not permitted to apply. This differs from the FHA, where anyone who fits the criteria by being in a difficult financial situation can qualify for financial assistance.Key Differing FactorsGenerally, there are not a huge amount of differences between the VA mortgage loan and its FHA equivalent. They are both vastly more affordable since both are subsidized by the government. What this means is that part of the debt is secured by the government, essentially removing the risk that the lender is under. And with no risk, the interest rate can be reduced.However, the VA does not actually issue these loans, nor for the better interest rates charged to the loan. The loan packages are put together by lenders, and this means that packages are subject to market fluctuation and developments. But the VA option is arguably better protected by assistance due it centering on military borrowers.Ask your mortgage broker for the best terms and conditions, and they will be able to find the best ones. However, for non-military borrowers, the best option in the FHA. These mortgage loans may be very affordable, but they are also subject to charges and fines. This means that the overall costs are increased.Get a VA Loan NowUltimately, the figures cannot lie and right now VA mortgage loans are available at the lowest rates of interest in quite sometime. This is mostly due to the events in the economy, where interest rates everywhere have dropped in order to encourage spending. It has largely worked, with consumers still buying some property, but there is still a need for an extra helping-hand.For members and former members of the military alike, the mortgage deal with better interest rates is to be found at the VA. It is certainly true that these mortgage loans are the best deals on the market, edging their FHA equivalent by virtue of their lower interest rates.

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